Ozone 8 Tutorial – Learn LUFS Target (Mastering for Spotify, Youtube, Tidal)

Using Ozone 8’s Learn LUFS Target feature makes mastering for Spotify, Youtube, Tidal and other platforms a breeze!

Ozone 8 is jam packed with great updates, upgrades and new features. This one is on of my favorites and it’s really small, so some might miss it!

Get Ozone 8 — PIB/Ozone8

The learn LUFS feature can be found in the Maximizer Module. Right under the compressor settings.

Spotify, Youtube and Tidal all have a target LUFS of -14.

Using this new feature, all you need to do is input that target LUFS. The do this so all the music stays the same level while listener is listening to various tracks. Hitting their target beforehand ensures there won’t be any further processing to your music when it’s uploaded, which can cause artifacts and a lower quality sound.

To have Ozone 8 automatically make your track hit the -14 LUFS target, just input -14 into the number feild next to the “Learn” button at the bottom of the Threshold and Ceiling sliders. Then, play your music, hit the learn button, and sit back while your track plays.

It’s best to play the music at its noisiest point for this part. Also, let it play for a bit, put it on loop, if need be. Ozone 8 will get an average of the music and move the Threshold for you!

Click the learn button again once the threshold has settled in on something.


Watch the Video Tutorial

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Author: Joshua Casper

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