Ozone 8 Tutorial: 3rd Party VSTs in Ozone’s Device Chain!!!!

This is just incredible. You can load up any 3rd party VSTs into Ozone 8’s device chain and use them right inside the Standalone App!!! AWESOME!

This is a super quick tip for Ozone 8 users.

Get Ozone 8 — PIB/Ozone8

If you’re like me, you might only use Ozone 8 as a VST inside your DAW so you still have access to all your other mastering plugs. Well, it seems like that isn’t necessary anymore. You can know load any VSTs right inside of the Ozone 8 Standalone version. Not only is that awesome, but it really opens up the door in terms of signal flow. Being able to use your favorite Slate compressor sandwiched between Ozone’s EQ and Exciter is next level for sure!

*this feature was available in Ozone 7 Standalone App as well.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

It’s really easy to get things set up.

Launch the Standalone version of Ozone 8. Click on the Add Module Button.


Then, you will have two tabs to choose form. Ozone 8’s Modules on the right and Plug-ins on the left. Obviously, we want plug-ins. So, click that.


Ozone should already have your plugs listed if they are in the Steinberg Folder. But, you can change the location, or add more directories, by clicking the cog wheel on the far right of the Plug-ins tab. You can also get to these settings from the main options window, under the Plugins tab.


To load the VST just double click it. Now you have access to it and you can freely move it to any location in Ozone 8’s signal chain! Any time you want to open the 3rd Party VST’s UI just double click it’s placehold module in Ozone 8.



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Author: Joshua Casper

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