Review: Arpology by Sample Logic – Marcus Kruse

A video review by Marcus Kruse of Arpology by Sample Logic – “BLURRING THE LINE BETWEEN MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN”

Arpology is a truly wonderful instrument for the working producer looking to quickly and easily expand their creative options when creating sequenced music. Almost a little too easy, with a click of a button, you can sequence multiple instruments, including rhythmic drum patterns, electronic instruments and interpretations of traditional traditional instruments such as pianos and guitars.

Check Out Arpology — SL/Arpology

The Step Animator, (what Sample Logic are calling the combination of a Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator), is powerful, to say the least – giving you 8 ways to shape each step for up to 128 steps (listed below), including the unique stutter and free play step modes, as well as global controls for Speed, Play Mode and Swing and seven effects you can apply to each instrument.

There are so many instruments you will be busy trying various combinations for a long time. Remember how I said it was almost a little too easy? Well you can randomise multiple parameters of your choice, creating new melodic lines at the click of a button, with the ability to choose a scale to transpose to. Or why not apply one of the many presets, ready for you to use.

My favourite feature is midi drag and drop. The step sequencer is so powerful I began to think about using it with various other instruments in my arsenal. Simply play one note, or a chord, then release – Arpology takes the information and analyses the sequence. You can then drag out the midi information and drop it onto your DAW’s timeline for you to use with another instrument. Unfortunately, Arpology cannot be set up as a midi effect for real time sequencing of external instruments. You are limited to the sounds that are included, (unless you use the midi drag and drop feature). And this of course, can be seen as a negative, as you are essentially buying a step sequencer and arpeggiator that cannot sequence your instruments. I believe this is why Sample Logic call Arpology an instrument in it’s own right. It includes it’s own sampled instruments, and if you enjoy using them, then you’re going to love using Arpology.

Arpology is the first ever virtual instrument, combining a step sequencer and arpeggiator, designed entirely for arpeggiating and sequencing .

Using the Step Animator you can,

  • Sequence up to 128 steps

    Arpology by Sample Logic

    Arpology by Sample Logic

  • Choose from 550 instruments & Multi Instruments Stacks
  • Sequence multiple instruments at once.
  • Choose from 150 sequencer preset patterns
  • Included support for Touch OSC

Within the Step Animator, you have control on a per step basis for

  • Step Type Note
  • Stutter
  • Glide
  • Free Play
  • Stutter Alternating
  • Velocity In
  • Out
  • Length Length of Individual Step
  • Arp Type Up, Down, As Played, Random, Chordal Alternating Octaves, Chordal Compound Octaves
  • Transposition Transposition of note per step
  • Duration Length of the Note – short values less than total step length, longest value equals the total step length
  • Stutter Rate The rate the note will stutter at
  • Pan Individual stereo pan per step

Other Controls

  • Random Randomise one or more parameters in the step animator
  • Speed 1/2 / 1 / 2
  • Playmode Latch, Freeze, Random, Forward, Reverse
  • Swing, Stutter, Quantise Global to Instrument
  • Steps, Octave, Restart Global to Instrument
  • Metronome, Time Signature Global to Instrument


  • Cinematic / Organic – Customizable tempo-synced arpeggiator driven impact loops
  • Electronic / Effectual – Percussive sequences, organized by timbre or style
  • Percussive – Strategic rhythmic gestures for blending and bridging events and musical ideas

MULTIS – Powerful templates combining various ARPOLOGY instruments into all-in-one presets.

  • Instrument Stacks – Several instruments stacked on top of one another, sharing the same keymap range.
  • One Note Glory – Several instruments stacked on top of one another, sharing the same keymap range, to be performed by playing one note.

Features include:

  • “Step AnimatorTM” technology for incredible sequencing
  • “Multi-core Effect Sequencers” for real-time effect automation
  • “Triggers” – 48 unique effect chains
  • “LFO” section to make things wobble
  • “Wave” – additive synthesis engine
  • “Pitch” sequencer for quick and easy pattern based transpositions on the fly
  • “Multi Script Macros” (knobs & buttons) for real-time sequencing of instrument parameter controls

Watch the Video Review

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