Tutorial: Hiding Text in Images [2 very simple methods]

These are two extremely easy to accomplish methods of hiding text in your images. Though, they do work if no one is looking to find hidden messages.

Be warned these are entry level ninja skills. I am not claiming them to be ground breaking. If you are already know these methods I don’t need to hear about it. Move on to the higher level trickery on this site!!

Watch the Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial Below the Video

Method 1: The meta data

Derp… right? Not really. You might be surprised how many people still don’t know about picture meta data. Criminals and cheating spouses still get caught by the simple analysis of these data points. So much so that places like facebook, twitter and google auto scramble the meta data of media uploaded to their servers… after they log it for themselves though 😉

There are a few ways to edit / view meta data. One of the most popular ways is in ADOBE Bridge. Here I am going to show you how it’s done in Photoshop. It’s really easy once you know how.

To edit a photo’s meta data open the image in Photoshop. Go to File – File Info (Alt + Shft + Ctrl + I). That’s it.

Now you have a very large number of data points that you can fill out with anything your heart desires. Some show up in the Windows browser windows, so you might want to bury any super secret information in a data string that doesn’t normally get displayed.

Obvioulsy, to view all the possible meta data fields to view a hidden message you would follow the same steps.


How to edit photo meta data in Photoshop CC

Method 2: The off white method

This is another really simple way to hide message in an image. Make sure the image has a pure white background or, at least, a pure white patch somewhere on it.


What is the Hidden Text Message?

Now, before you go on reading do you know how to find the hidden text message on the above all-white .png?

This is how to add the text to the white image. Simple find the pure white spot and type your message. Then with the message and the text tool selected change the color of the text.

R: 254 – G: 254 – B:254 ( #fefefe )


White, but not quite right white!

This is very close to pure white. So close in fact the human eye doesn’t pick up the difference, but there is one and your helpful computer can reveal that difference to you.

Chances are the person you are sending secret messages to knows that one is coming and you have an agreed upon method of hiding the messages. So, if you ever get a random image with an all white background from me… this is what you should do to it.

Bring the photo into Photoshop. Add either the Levels or the Curves color correction filter. Then remove all the RGB scale until the whole image goes white. Everything will go white except… you guessed it, the hidden message.


Levels & Curves property settings to reveal hidden messages.

There you go. If you follow those directions you can reveal the secret message on the white plate above!!

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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