Notpron – The Hardest Riddle on the Internet

Notpron is “the hardest riddle on the internet”. Over 17.5 million people have tried and only 36 have been certified to succeed.

It’s Sunday. I just downloaded the game Hacknet to try and brush up on terminal work. I know, I know, it’s a silly game, but it’s better than Codeacademy. Well, “better” isn’t the right word…. it’s just more fun.

However, I was peeping the boards about the game and got linked to Notpron. It is an internet riddle with 140 levels.

  • 17,670,123 visitors since August 2004.
  • Only 36 people have been certificated for finishing the game.
  • That’s about 0.0001% of all players.

Test Your Skill –> Notpron

There are helpful, but cryptic, hints for the first 8 levels… after that you are on your own.

Level 1
If this level is too hard, give up and go kill yourself. No don’t!
Where do you open a door? Click that part in the picture!

Level 2
The popup is telling you to trick it. Maybe use something else than your mouse to get rid of it, so you get the link that it is covering!

Level 3
Stop being negative, will ya? Stop trying to click something, there is nothing! Read the address carefully. What can you “turn on”?

Level 4
Is anything dark here? Light it maybe? How? Got programs for that? Do you see something now? What sort of code could it be?

Level 5
Carefully read the URL. There are at least 2 things that can help you.
Found the right thing in google? Stop thinking too difficult, just need 2 words for Username/Password!

Level 6
Make up your mind about the “source code”!
Ever heard of ASCII Code?

Level 7
Carefully read the URL. It’s telling you what to do.

Level 8
Second song? Which one could it be?
Who (or what) is Jay Pack? Say it loud!

Level 9 – 81
Now you are on your own. No more help!
But keep in mind that all levels are different from each other!
It’s easy to find cheats on the internet, but from the moment of your first cheating on, the whole fun is gone, stay strong!
Don’t brag with your level progress, it makes no sense.

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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