Disposable / Anonymous Email Addresses – 5 Sites

The 5 Best Sites for Creating free Disposable Email Addresses! Sign up for that shady site by using these sites and not your actual email!

Spam sucks. Even if you don’t have OCD when it comes to your inbox. The bots are numerous and never sleeping!!

Luckily, there are quite a few sites that allow you to generate “disposable” email addresses. These are random, or unique, emails that you can use temporarily to gain access to a site by using them to verify your account.

4shared is a prime example. I don’t know why people still use it to share files when there are so many free sites out there that don’t require an account to access files. I made the mistake, because I really wanted the files, of signing up to get the goods. Now, I get spam from all walks of life. I can almost guarantee 4shared sold my email to all these people and businesses. Sweet business model, ey?

Also, these are helpful for any email registrations you don’t want a snooping significant other to see… 😉

Now, if I had been smart I would have used one of the sites below. Simply generated a temporary email and used it at the sign up process. Waited a minute to get the “activation” email. Then clicked through to activate / verify the account. After which the disposable email would catch any / all the spam sent later on, until it vanished all together.

also, for porn sites 😉

Watch the Video Tutorial

Full Written Tutorial and Links below

Throw Away Mail

This site generates a unique email every time you visit the site after closing the browser. Keep that in mind. It is perfect for signing up for sites that will send verification emails immediately upon signing up. However, once you close the broswer the cookie will be erased and the email address will change. That means you won’t be able to access the old one again.





This website keeps any anonymous email addresses generated… the twist is that they are public. Meaning anyone can access the account. Might be cool for your bros to all get access to pornhub using the same email, but it also means someone outside your group can find the email by accident or by “hacking”. Definitely not the site you want to use if your are going to be getting sent access codes of some sort.

**this email host seems to be banned from pornhub and thepiratebay. I am guessing any other larger sites have flagged it as well.




Mail Drop

This site will create a unique mail box that will remain indefinitely. Though, like all of these, all you need is the email address created to access the inbox.




10 Minute Mail

Pretty much the same deal as the rest! Only this account auto destructs and erases after 10 minutes. It also auto generates the temporary address.




20 Minute Mail

Just like 10 Minute Mail, this email address only sticks around for 20 minutes. Though, you can sign up for it, to keep and/or recover emails that are sent there. Though, I am not sure how that part is different than a standard email service.



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