Review: Slam Pro Channel Strip by BeatSkillz

Slam Pro is a Mix Phattener Processor with control over the Bass Section, Presence and Air, Compression, Saturation, Stereo Width and Loudness of your track. I put it to the test!!


Slam Pro by BeatSkillz

All musicans and producers have different taste and different genres of tracks that they create, hence we created the ultimate channel strip with 3 knobs for controlling the Sub Bass, Thump & Low Boom of the channel or mix, there are 3 Flavours of Heat ( Saturation ) , 3 types of AIRZ or High Frequency & presence control.., 4 types of POP Compression suitable to the entire mix and drums/instruments/ synths & sampler sounds. Crush Limiter and Loudness maximizer.

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*full release notes below

Release Notes


Bass Section

Sub: Dial in some really low frequencies! careful with this control. This is great when youre mixing your sound live on a huge PA system in a club or other venue.. add that room rumbling low end. Dialing into the -ve side actually removes the mud from your tracks, bringing more clarity and definition in your mix.

Thump: Your mix or kick lack lacking some chest hitting thump ? Dial this in to get a “tight” bass response on your mix or individual track. Dialing into the -ve side reduces the thump or definition… so on a kick or mix where its already too much, you can tame it down a little with this control.

Boom: Like those 808 sub sounds, but also want them to be heard on smaller speakers as well as large systems? This is your control  to dial “in” or dial “out” those boomy frequencies from your mix… so what sounds good.., use your ear.

Heat Section

1, 2 or 3 Type Saturation:  This control provides the 3 flavours of awesome sounding distortion/ saturation to add to any individual track or the entire mix. Add edge to your drums or mix, or add subtle or harsh distortion to your synths, piano, vocals and anything you are passing through this. The Heat Dial lets you get as much or as little of this effect into your track or mix.

Airz Section

1, 2 or 3 Type Mid/High End Presence: A 3 frequency selector lets you choose 5k, 10k or 15 k High shelf boost with a special enhancer process to bring more “Air” or “Clarity /Sharpness” to your mix.. Just Dial this in to make your tracks or mix “clear” and “present”.

Pop: A super Compressor with 4 settings to “POP” your Mix quickly. Different mixes and tracks have different dynamics, and hence the 4 settings to check which one is most suitable to your material. Dial in more or less of the effect as the moving the dial changes the threshold of the compressor.

Crush: This is the last stage in this processor and is a “level maximizer” that can get your tracks to sound louder , yet pleasant.

Stereo Expander: Add width and depth your tracks or entire mix very easily, yet get control over 2 bands of the mix. This gives you control over the bass, mids and highs stereo width separately, so you can completely tailor the width of your mix to be more mono or stereo in 2 different bands. The two zones are selectable via a crossfader that allows you to set the crossover point for the 2 bands of stereo expansion.

Input/Output: Increase or decrease the level of your input signal via the input knob, and increase or decrease the output signal with the output knob.

Wet/Dry: This control lets you control the balance between the “processed” signal from Slam Pro and the original signal (dry) signal, letting you add as much of the processing to the track or mix that you would like. This is current modern standard that producers and musicians like to control and shape their sounds accurately.

Additionally this plugin features a beautiful “glowing valve” that reacts to your signal as it gets hotter or as you dial in more saturation via the Heat knob. A Gain Reduction meter is also featured in the POP compressor section, as well as an output meter.

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Author: Joshua Casper

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