Review: Levels by 29Palms, Mixing & Mastering Just Got Easier?

Levels is designed to analyse what’s wrong with your mix and help you fix it in a very visually attractive way.

Buy Levels Here: PluginBoutique/Levels

As a mixing and mastering engineer I am constantly asked how I know where any issues are and how I know what needs to be cleaned, moved, boosted and so on. That is an extremely complex question, but Levels is bridging the gap via digital analysis.

Levels aims to help guide producers in four main aspects of a mix; headroom, stereo field, dynamic range, and bass space.

Now, it is important to note that it is not what one might think of when thinking of a mixing and mastering plugin. It doesn’t DO anything to your sounds. It is just an analyzer which is meant to guide you in the right direction. Instead of young/novice producers strictly relying on their ears and guesswork Levels gives visual and, more importantly, actionable feedback….

Read the Full Review : Ask.Audio/Levels

This is an except from my article on Ask.Audio. Copied here with permission.


Levels by 29 Palms | GUI

Buy Levels Here: PluginBoutique/Levels

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Author: Joshua Casper

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