Review: *Operator* Kick Machines by Loopmasters

This is an in depth review of the Operator driven Kick Machine Instrument Racks by Loopmasters. Five Stars!!

Download Kick Machines :

This pack has been out for a least a year or two, but I still use it all the time. So, I figured it was about time to do a serious review / demo of it for you all.

The pack comes with 55 kicks driven by Live’s Operator VSTi and native effects. The kicks are split up into 5 genres – EDM – Techno, Deep House, D&B, Dubstep & Progressive House.


Example of an Operator Kick Machine Rack

Each genre has its own drum rack with the kick instrument racksĀ nested insideĀ them for quick auditioning. Once you find the kick you want you can drag the instrument rack into its own midi channel for full control over every paramter that makes the kick – from top to bottom. You can also pitch the kick to fit perfectly inside the key of your track. Check out this tutorial for how to know which note to tune your kick and why it works.

This review talks about why I love this pack and then at the end I audition every kick that comes inside.

Download Kick Machines :

Full release notes below the video.

Watch the Review

Release Notes

Loopmasters proudly present a brand new collection of production ready Ableton Preset racks dedicated to the most important sound within Dance music, The Kick Drum.

Built from the ground up using only Ableton Live instruments and effects, Dan Larsson returns for more skilful production tricks and techniques with a collection of Kick Drum Machines, featuring 5 dedicated Kick Drum Instrument Racks and 55 separate templates that cover a huge tonal palate to stretch across a wide genre of Dance music productions.

These Kick drums presets are made exclusively for Live and feature Abletons incredible FM synth, Operator and native effects, combined into neat instrument racks assigned with macros for flexible tweaking and morphing.

All of the sounds are purely synthesized and come in 5 tonal varieties which can be selected as the starting point to build your own unique Kicks, including Deep House used for more subtle but weighty kicks, DnB for aggressive Punchy Kicks, Dubstep for Hard and Flappy Kicks, EDM/Techno for Hard 4X4 Kicks and finally Progressive for more traditional House Kicks.

Also added to the collection is 55 custom tweaked Kicks by Dan that come as separate Live Set templates featuring 11 Kicks of each tonal range, loaded with a basic MIDI Clip to get you started.

If you struggle to find the right tuned Kick sample for your productions and require unlimited control of your drum sounds, then check out the demo and listen to how easy it is to manipulate these Machines and sample Kick Machines TODAY!

NOTE: Requires Ableton Live 8.4.2+ but ensure you own Operator before you purchase

Download Kick Machines :

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Author: Joshua Casper

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