Windows 7 | CPU 100% Problem | Fixed

How to fix the CPU 100% Problem for Windows 7!

This post assumes you have exhausted the obvious steps, like quitting CPU intensive programs.

If you have quite everything and opened your task manager ( cntrl + alt + delete ) and the CPU counters for the individual processes are not adding to 100, but the total at the bottom says 100% and your machine is slow this might be for you!


Go to the start menu and type “services” into the search bar. Click on the “Services” icon with the Gears, found under the Programs options. Highlighted below in Blue.


Search for “services” form the Start Menu

Step 2

Find “Windows Management Instrumentation” near the bottom of the list. Click once on it. That will open a dialog box on the right side of the window with a description and options. If you don’t see it make sure the “Extended” tab is clicked at the bottom of the window.


Windows Management-Instrumentation Window

Step 3

Hit the restart button. Agree to everything. That is it. You don’t even have to restart your machine.

I was surprised and very happy to have found this trick. I thought my computer was done for.


It turns out, at least in my case, this method only stopped the 100% issue for the session. Upon rebooting the machine it came back. However, that being said, the issue has stopped. The only thing I changed as far as processes in the interim was two start up programs.

I turned off the automatic start-up of two programs that started when the machine was turned on. Those programs being the GoPro Media Importer and Splice. It must have been one of those two causing the chaos.

If my machine was so old and frail I would go back a test each out to see which was the culprate… also, I am lazy. If you are experiecning the 100% cpu issue and doing the above method only works on a session by session bases you might check to see if you have GoPro Media Importer or Splice as start up programs.


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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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