Soundcloud App Hack – Upload from a Mobile Phone

No, Soundcloud.. Bad, Soundcloud. You CAN upload from a cell phone! Here is how!

I ran into a strange situation last night, where I needed to upload a track ASAP, but I only had my cell phone. Luckily, I had the master copy on my phone, so I opened up the Soundcloud app to get to it. Much to my dismay I couldn’t find the upload button. I hoped on google to see what I was missing and came across the soundcloud help page.

Things like official statements about the impossibility of something rarely stop me though. Especially when I am trying to get something to someone important!

So, after some detective work I figured out how to upload music from my android phone to my soundcloud.

I don’t have an iPhone anymore, but I can’t imagine it is any different.


Soundcloud Officially Denies the Possibility of Uploading via a Phone!

Step 1:

Find the music file on your phone. For me it is My Files -> Music -> “name of file”

Step 2:

Press and hold the file you wish to share until the a menu appears.

Step 3:

Click the “Share Via” option.


Click and Hold to Get this Menu

Step 4:

Click the Soundcloud Icon.


Click the Soundcloud Icon on the “Share Via” menu screen.

Step 5:

That will bring you to the upload screen. You can now file out the track name. Where you are. Upload the album art. Set to public or private. You can even choose which social media platforms to share the upload to!


The Android Soundcloud upload & information screen

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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