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Joshua Casper – Beatport Stats

This site is a pretty cool:

It shows you how well you, and anyone else, has been doing on For instance, check out my stats on the side there. That seems fairly accurate, although I know I have had many more releases in the top 100 for glitch hop, but this is definitely better than nothing and I am sure it is going to get better as more people start to use the site.

If you are an artist or label that has sold music via beatport you should go check out your stats! You see your specific stats on your profile page, or if you are crushing it you can see your name in the top lists. While you are on your artist or label page though make sure to fill out the social media link form. That can be found directly under the profile picture.. look for the little pencil graphic. That is s a new feature as of December and it will help speed up the process, because they say they are taking the time to check all the links submitted.

Side note if you don’t know how to update your bio and picture on beatport I made a tutorial a while ago that will show you how.

This site is also good for scoping out potential labels. For instance, I make glitch hop from time to time. This website just put out the top labels for each genre for 2014. Next time I have some hot fire to sell I will consult the chart to see who will help me the most!

Over all, a pretty cool site… if you are doing well that is!!



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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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