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Glotch is a Step Glitcher for Live 9 with Delay / Reverb / Reverser / Cyclotron a basic low/high pass filter, and a random function.

GLOTCH V0.9 BETA -> Download

*(require Max/Msp 6.0 or higher)

This is a beta version. So, if your not down to maybe run into an issue or two you should hold off for a bit.

I have designed this plugin for live purpose, because i don’t found a glitch plugin really usable in live, with pattern changes and stability. Glotch use the live api to read the name of a clip in a selected track to change pattern on the fly from anywhere in the liveset, and allows to put the effect in any track, return or master.

The delay line is build with 32 parallel delays to enable multi layer taps. The reverb line is based on comb filters to create a nice washing effect. The Reverse effect use a simple buffer to read in reverse mode. The Cyclotron is based on a pure cyclotron lol.

The 4 lines of effects can be rooted in 3 modes, with the mix and bridges buttons. The default mode, play the input, and the effects lines in parallel. The Cut mode bypass the input. Bridge1 root the delay line in the reverb line. Bridge2 root the reverse line to the cyclotron line.

The filter is a simple low pass & high pass resonant filter. The lowpass dial range is 20hz – 500hz, and the high pass is 1000hz – 20khz. The smooth button allow to avoid clicks on the delay line.


Glotch Glitch Device | Max for Live


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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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