Free MADNESS! A list of LISTS of free music stuff via Cymatics

This is fu&king free music material inception! This is a large list of large lists of free serum, massive, and sylenth presets, VSTs, drum samples, live instrument records, field recordings and more!!!

Cymatics has the serum preset game on lock. It is known, Jon Snow. However, if you haven’t ever taken a gander at their site you may not know they have epic lists of free music resources posted regularly to their blog. I am going to list them here, but I am sure there is more to be had if you spend a minute or two on the site!!

REMEMBER, these links are to LISTS of these things.. not just one pack 😉

The Lists

Cymatics Free Giveaways

Cymatics Free Downloads -> GO NOW

Drum Samples
Walmart Drums Vol. 1 (125 Samples)
Walmart Drums Vol. 2 (75 Samples)
Home Depot Drums (150 Samples)
Target Drums (275+ Samples)
25 Kick Samples
30 Percussion Samples
10 Dubstep Snares – CLICK HERE
15 Weird Snares – CLICK HERE
25 Chill Claps – CLICK HERE
Qaliber: 20 Guitar Loops

Serum Presets/LFOs
Serum Gems Vol. 1 (20 Presets)
5 Serum Dubstep Bass Presets
3 Squarified Serum Bass Presets
1 Serum Preset & Ableton Project
50 Serum LFO Shapes
Maxx Live: 10 Serum Presets & 30 LFO Shapes

Massive Presets
Massive Gems Vol. 1 (25 Presets)
Massive Gems Vol. 2 (15 Presets)
5 Realistic Sound FX

Ultimate List of Free Trap Samples

Trap Samples List -> GO NOW

In this list you’ll find over 2500 free trap samples.

Ultimate List of Free Serum Presets

Serum Presets List -> GO NOW

Hundreds of large and small preset packs with presets and wave tables!

Ultimate List of Free Massive Presets

Massive Presets List -> GO NOW

Probably 1,000+ presets for Massive here. Including some from me!!

Ultimate List of Free Sylenth1 Presets

Sylenth Presets List -> GO NOW

A few hundred presets for Sylenth1.

Ultimate List of Free Plugins

Free Plugs List -> GO NOW

This is a list of effects and instruments. Not as many as the VST Warehouse, but this list has been curated by friends we can trust!

Ultimate List Of Free Vocal Samples

Free Vocal Samples List -> GO NOW

Over 4,000 Vocal samples to pick and choose from.

Ultimate List of Free Live Instruments Samples

Free Live Instrument Samples List -> GO NOW

Pianos, Guitars, Brass, Strings and more…

Ultimate List of Free Drum & Percussion Samples

Free Drum & Percussion List -> GO NOW

You already know what to expect!! GO GO GO

Ultimate List Of Free Bass House Samples

Free Bass House Sample List -> GO NOW

If you really only want that dirty nasty bass house, this list if for you!

Ultimate List Of Free Foley Sound Effects

Free Foley & SFX List -> GO NOW

Add some character to your track with these sound effects.

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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