Exclusive: 200 IRs for Convolution Reverb “Synthetic Prototypes”

I made 200 Impulse Responses (IR)s for any Convolution Reverb plugs or devices you might use. They are free! What are you waiting for?


There are a total of 200 individual Impulse Response clips inside the zip folder (622mb Unzipped / 566mb download)

The reason the file size is so large is that it was sampled at 32 bit at 48 kHz for the highest quality. That means you can go to town as far as manipulation inside your Convolution Reverb plug in or device without working about too much degradation.

I am calling it Synthetic Prototypes because these are taken from synthesized reverb environments.

Folders / Categoriesconvo-ir-sessions-folder-structure

  • Big
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Delays
  • Halls
  • Legends
  • Rooms
  • Special.v.1
  • Special.v.2
  • Prototypes


Free Download

1,000+ Other Free IRs

Check out this Post for 1,000+ more


If you are using the Convolution Reverb Pro Max for Live device, like I am, then you just need to drop the sub/category folders into the “IRs” in the pack. If you don’t know where that is just open live, navigate the “packs” section and right click on the Max for Live Essentials pack and selected “Show in Explorer”.

The file pathway will look something like this:

Ableton\Factory Packs\Max for Live Essentials\Max Audio Effect\Convolution Reverb\IRs

If you are using Ableton Live and have the Suite, but not the Max for Live Essentials pack you should go grab it. It is free for Suite owners!!

Once you have placed all the sub folders from the main folder inside the same place as the other IRs they will show up in the two tier navigation system right inside the device itself.


Alternatively, you can just drop them in the wave display window, but that will be less workflow friendly.

For other Convolution Reverb plugs, just find where their IRs are stored and add the folders and files.

Watch the Video Tutorial / Demo

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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