DIY – Water Level Alarm Final Prototype [Step 1]

This is the short introductory video demonstrating the final product of the Water Level Indicator / Alarm / Sensor tutorial series.

**tutorials coming by end of week**

The Problem 

Here in Brazil we use large water containers in our houses and apartment buildings. When the city, so graciously, turns on the water – every other day in my neighborhood – we pump the buckets full. Then there is generally a second smaller bucket in a high place. A second pump is set up to get the water from the large bucket on the ground to the smaller one.

A problem that I found is that everyone just seems to wait until the smaller container overflows to turn of the pump. This wastes a lot of water. Some pumps have automatic turn off mechanisms, but those are expensive and we are in a developing country.

My goal for this particular was to figure out a very inexpensive work-around to save some water. I believe I have succeeded!!

My Device

What this little device does is lights a green LED when the tank is a little past half way full. Then when it is in danger of overflowing the red LED lights up and a buzzing alram sounds. This means it’s time to turn of the pump. We have one of my designs installed and working here at my house and we haven’t had any overflow issues sense!

The entire project costs less than R$10 (less than $3 USD). And the circuitry is incredibly simple making it accessible to even an amateur, like myself 😉

Final Prototype - Water Level Alarm DIY

Final Prototype – Water Level Alarm DIY

There will be 3 tutorials, in both written and video format, that will walk you through the entire process. From breadboard prototyping all the way to perforated board soldering and permanent installation.

All of the materials, listed in detail in the later tutorial posts are commonly available in most electronics stores, or on eBay!

Some soldering knowledge is preferable.

Watch the Indicator in Action

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