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620x320 uvi sparkverb 40 pluginboutique

DEAL – 40% OFF9 Feb – February 14, 2017

UVI Sparkverb Sale

Sparkverb breaks the boundaries of contemporary reverbs giving users modern and innovative controls that dramatically enhance usability, speed and creative freedom. Save 40% off in our UVI deal of the week.
620 x 320 pib sonible smart eq

DEAL – 30% OFF3 Feb – February 19, 2017

sonible smart:EQ+ Sale (Exclusive)

We welcome sonible to Plugin Boutique with an introductory smart:EQ+ sale. Save 30% off this precise and professional EQ exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620 x 320 pib beatskillz slam dawg pluginboutique

DEAL – 70% OFF8 Feb – February 23, 2017

BeatSkillz Slam Dawg Sale (Exclusive)

Save a huge 70% off Slam Dawg and take your mixes to the next level exclusively at Plugin Boutique!
620 x 320 pib beatskillz slam pro pluginboutique

DEAL – 30% OFF8 Feb – March 9, 2017

Slam Pro Upgrade from Slam Dawg Sale

Upgrade from Slam Dawg to Slam Pro and save 30% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 d16 drumazon banner

DEAL – 60% OFF3 Feb – February 20, 2017

D16 Drumazon Sale (Exclusive)

Save a huge 60% off the award winning D16 Roland 909 emulation exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 audiomodern glitchverb 50 pluginboutique

DEAL – 50% OFF1 Feb – February 20, 2017

Audiomodern Glitchverb Sale (Exclusive)

Glitchverb is a modern reverb plugin for Ableton that features a big bassy compression reverb sound, but without actually compressing. Save 50% off for a limited time only a Plugin Boutique.
620x320 photosounder synth pluginboutique

DEAL – 50% OFF1 Feb – February 19, 2017

Photosounder Sale (Exclusive)

Photosounder is the first plugin that truly allows you to transform any sound as an image and to create any possible sound from an image. Save 50% off at Plugin Boutique for a limited time only.
620x320 meterplugs kmeter pluginboutique

DEAL – 30% OFF1 Feb – February 20, 2017

MeterPlugs K-Meter Sale (Exclusive)

K-Meter offers an alternative by encouraging greater use of dynamic range. If you want your tunes to sound more open, nuanced and natural, this fully-compliant K-System meter is for you.
620x320 metric halo 72 pluginboutique

DEAL – UP TO 72% OFF9 Feb – March 1, 2017

Metric Halo Sale

Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis and processing solutions. Save on their award winning software at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 sinevibes multitude 40 pluginboutique

DEAL – 40% OFF3 Feb – February 18, 2017

Sinevibes Multitude Sale

Sinevibes Multitude is a truly unique delay Audio Unit plugin. Save 40% off at Plugin Boutique and get creative!
620x320 soundiron mercury upto40 pluginboutique

DEAL – UP TO 40% OFF7 Feb – February 17, 2017

Soundiron Mercury Symphonic Boy Choir Sale

Save 40% off the most comprehensive, playable and powerfully deep-sampled children’s choir ever released. The full, Elements (for Kontakt Player) and Micro versions are both included in the promo.
620x320 audified mixchecker sale pluginboutique

DEAL – 33% OFF1 Feb – February 10, 2017

Audified MixChecker Sale (Extended)

MixChecker saves your precious time. Plug it in the master track of your project as the last segment of your listening chain and quickly turn your studio monitors into classic reference monitors or several consumer devices.
620x320 izotope vocal bundle 30 pluginboutique

DEAL – 30% OFF9 Feb – February 24, 2017

iZotope Vocal Bundle Sale

For a limited time, get two of iZotope’s most powerful (and fun) vocal tools for one low price. Included is Nectar 2 Production Suite with 11 powerful vocal production effects and VocalSynth to push your vocals beyond the limits.
620x320 sample magic stacker 38 pluginboutique

DEAL – 40% OFF30 Jan – February 20, 2017

Sample Magic Stacker Sale

Revolutionise your rhythms with Stacker, a uniquely powerful drum layering plugin that uses sampling and synthesis across multiple layers to create personalised drum sounds.
620x320 chromaphone2 50 pluginboutique

DEAL – UP TO 51% OFF7 Feb – March 1, 2017

AAS Chromaphone 2 Sale

To cerebrate Chromaphone 2 being NKS ready we are running a promotion on acoustic object synth, soundbanks and upgrade. Save up-to 50% off at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 kilohearts global pluginboutique

DEAL – UP TO 35% OFF1 Feb – February 14, 2017

KiloHearts Sale

To celebrate the launch of their new Transient Shaper Snapin KiloHearts are running a sale! Save 30% off all their inspiring range of effects, instruments and bundles for a limited time only at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 electroniccompanion 41 pluginboutique

DEAL – 41% OFF8 Feb – March 1, 2017

SONiVOX Electronic Companion Sale (Exclusive)

Electronic effects and synths take music into another dimension. In your creative hands, these instruments will make your projects and compositions stand out as being uniquely yours. Save over 40% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 percussioncompanion 41 pluginboutique

DEAL – 41% OFF8 Feb – March 1, 2017

SONiVOX Percussion Companion Sale (Exclusive)

Music comes alive when it’s energized by pulsating rhythms. Drums are the explosive warp engine that powers those rhythms. Save 41% off the Percussion Companion exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 aiep3 50 upgrade pluginboutique update

DEAL – 50% OFF10 Oct – February 28, 2017

Air Music AIEP3 Complete Upgrade Sale

Calling ALL Air users! Upgrade from Any Air Instrument or previous Instrument Expansion Pack and save 50% off the upgrade path. The new AIR Instrument Expansion Pack is an inspiring collection of virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools for the modern producer, composer, and performer.
08 620x320 air music hybrid3 56 promo pluginbotuique

DEAL – 56% OFF8 Feb – March 1, 2017

Air Music Hybrid 3 + Vault Expansion Sale (Exclusive)

Hybrid 3.0 is the next generation in synthesis. This high-definition virtual synthesizer combines the coveted warmth of analog synths with a full range of futuristic digital manipulation capabilities. Save 56% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique and get a free expansion.
620 x 320 producertech template house techno groove production master class

DEAL – 38% OFF9 Feb – February 15, 2017

Producertech House And Techno Groove Production Course Sale

A comprehensive course focused specifically on creating the solid foundations for any dance music track, the groove. Save 38% off for one week only at Plugin Boutique.
620 x 320 producertech template techno production with maschine %281%29

DEAL – 33% OFF9 Feb – February 15, 2017

Producertech Techno Production with Maschine Sale

This lengthy course will take you through the basic elements of the track – kick, bass, low/high percussion and a detailed look at creating melodic parts, before covering effects processing and arrangement – with a focus on utilising the Maschine hardware.
620 x 320 producertech template mainroom techno

DEAL – 33% OFF9 Feb – February 15, 2017

Producertech Mainroom Techno Production in Live Sale

There’s nothing like the energy of a massive crowd, dancing in sync to the hypnotic beats of main-room techno. Now you can jumpstart your techno-production journey with this course from awesome producer Paul Maddox.
Melda eternal madness pluginboutique

DEAL – 50% OFF6 Feb – February 13, 2017

Melda Production Eternal Madness Sale

Save 50% off four MeldaProduction plugins every week! This week, save on MSpectralDynamics | MVintageRotary | MEqualizerLinearPhase | MStereoGenerator.
620x320 cfasound 50 pluginboutique

DEAL – 50% OFF2 Feb – February 10, 2017

CFA 9th Anniversary Sale

Celebrate CFA’s 9th Anniversary and save 50% off a selection of FX and synth prests for Serum, Sylenth, Massive & Viirus.
Modern folk rock kit banner pluginboutique

DEAL – UP TO 20% OFF20 Jan – February 28, 2017

DrumDrops Modern Folk Rock Kit Introductory Sale

Hot on the tale of the Vintage Folk Rock Kit comes the Modern Folk Rock Kit. The vintage kit was a 60s kit recorded with 5 mics in a dry room while the Modern Folk Rock Kit is an 80s Gretsch Kit, close mic’d and recorded in a brighter live room.
620x320 fxpansion bfd geist 50 pluginboutique

DEAL – UP TO 50% OFF16 Jan – February 17, 2017

FXpansion Expansion Sale

Breathe fresh life into your BFD & Geist drum sounds and save 50% off this inspiring expansion collection for a limited time only.
620x320 addictivedrums2 33 feb pluginboutique

DEAL – UP TO 33% OFF5 Dec – March 1, 2017

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Sale

Addictive Drums 2 brings the world’s finest drums straight into your music. You get outstanding drums, professionally-played rhythms, and phenomenal sound-shaping and mixing features that make your productions sound alive.
620 x 320 pib bleepstreet

DEAL – 38% OFF4 Jul – February 28, 2017

BeepStreet Sunrizer Summer Sale

Sunrizer is built upon a familiar subtractive synth design – but with a distinct character and a host of unique features. For a limited time save 38% off Sunrizer at Plugin Boutique!
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