Explained | Dynamic EQ in Audio Mastering

Hands down the best explanation of Dynamic EQ!

This video and article information is from Izotope about their Ozone 6 Mastering Suite, but lots of the information can be applied to other devices.

Audio mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner explains how to use Dynamic EQ in your workflow. Available in iZotope’s Ozone 6 Advanced, this powerful new module responsively adjusts to the audio for a more musical application.

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A dynamic EQ is a powerful tool that combines the precision of an equalizer with the musical ballistics of a compressor.

Available in Ozone 6 Advanced, the powerful new Dynamic EQ module truly lives and breathes with your audio. In this blog post, we’ll define Dynamic EQ and illustrate ways to incorporate it into your mastering workflow:

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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