Avenger Gets Huge Granular Update & Currently 20% OFF!!!

VPS Avenger is the best synth to come out since Serum… and it’s a lot, lot bigger! V.1.2.0 just came out and along with it a 20% Discount!

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I’ve been using Avenger since I got it earlier this year. It has so much flexibility and epicness that’s not difficult to believe. I mean, it’s made by the Vengeance people!!

Click Here for Avenger Tutorials -> VPSAvenger Tutorials

This last update was titled the BIG GRANULAR UPDATE, and if you peep the changelog below you will see why…

1.2.0 – big GRANULAR Update

– added new Granular synthesis module
– added 32 new Granular presets
– added granular factory library with 219 waveforms/loops for granular synthesis
– added new mighty soundbrowser to load sounds into an OSC
– added the library for the “resampler” into ne new browser
– added new release mode for mod-envelope (releasing the note in an attack phase will jump to the correspondent volume in the release phase)
– fixed a problem with ARP undo for patterns B, C, D
– fixed some ARP issues like hanging notes, pattern issues
– fixed a issue with loading Impulse samples for “FX Impulse” effect
– added “verify expansion” to the expansion browser, so that customer expansions can be verified before
publishing them. That shows issues with using content from other expansions than the target expansion or the factory.
– added version check for presets: You can not longer load a preset in an outdated Avenger version (example: a preset created with 1.2 using the new granular module loaded into an Avenger 1.0) which would otherwise lead to a crash.
– added new DrumSequencer functions: export to MIDI and import from MIDI, just rightclick in the DrumSQ area below
– added the possibility of live recording the Arpeggiator note output into Midi (only supported for DAWs which allow MIDI return, and only VST2/3). Just create a new MIDI track and select VPS Avenger as input source.
– INIT preset load fix. The correct INIT preset should now be loaded for everyone
– dozens of smaller bugfixes


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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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