Avenger Tutorial: Stereo Sidechain FX via Step Sequencer [quicky]

In this VPS Avenger tutorial I will show you how to apply dynamic stereo sidechain FX to any of your OSCs via the built in Step Sequencer.

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The pumping sound of sidechain compression is one of the hallmarks of EDM lead synths. It is also widely, though for more technical purposes, used to compress sub to mid-level bass in order to make room for kicks.

In Avenger we can get this effect by routing Oscillators to the Step Sequencer. What’s more, is we can get stereo effects, draw in the curves, and have better control over the effect itself via the available parameters and visual feedback of the module.

By using the Stereo mode we can add different sidechain sequences to the left and right channels to get a more dynamic result which can be far more interesting.

Watch the Video Tutorial

*full written tutorial below

Written Tutorial

For simplicity’s sake, let’s just use one OSC for now. Then, once you have the basics you can go back and add more or use some of the presets!

Let’s add the Lead EDM Saw 1¬†preset from the Samples Folder under the Factory Lead / Synth section to OSC 1. Though, you can choose whatever you want.

Then, turn up the Output volume so we can hear it loud and clear ūüôā


Activate the Step SQ.1 routing option in the OSC’s right panel. Then, right-click¬†Step SQ.1 so the Step Sequencer panel is displayed in the bottom, or you can just find the tab and click it.


In the Step Sequencer panel draw in your sidechain design. Change the speed to 1/64th, this we make things sound like the sidechain is being triggered by a 4×4 kick, typical of EDM.


If you play a note now you should hear the pumping sound!

We can smooth out the grid by using the contour knob parameter in the Step Sequencer module. As you move the knob to the left you will see a yellow line overlaying the grid lines. The automation will follow the line.


If  we want to get super fancy we can change the Step Sequencer into Stereo Mode and use different patterns / slopes for the left and right channels. This makes the pumping much more interesting!


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Author: Joshua Casper

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