Avenger Tutorial: LFO Basics & Routing [quicky]

In this short tutorial I will introduce you to how to apply VPS Avenger’s LFO to parameters inside the VSTi.

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LFOs are incredible. When used correctly they have the ability to add interesting characteristics to sounds in so many ways. Avenger has up to 4 LFOs.

In this tutorial I will show you the very basics on routing them to parameters inside Avenger. I will also show you some of the shapes and how to apply the amount of your choosing.

Any parameter with a knob or slider can be effected by an LFO.

Up to 4 LFO Modules:

  • 17 LFO Shapes to chose from 3 freely drawable shapes
  • Fade in / Delay
  • Change Offset (y axis), Phase (x axis)
  • Countless trigger modes, such as first/last notes, arpeggio, bassdrum from drum SQ etc
  • Syncable (normal, triplet, dotted), with extra long LFO times

Watch the Tutorial

*full written tutorial below

Written Tutorial

The LFO Panel is found in the lower right of the GUI.


The LFO is routed by clicking and dragging the LFO you wanted routed’s tab to a parameter.

Mot parameters that are controlled via knobs can be modulated by an LFO.

Here I am routing LFO 1 to AMP 1’s Volume parameter.


Once a parameter has been routed it will have a small orange triangle marking it. Click and drag up or down to add the amount and direction of the LFO modulation. When you click and drag the triangle it will turn green and an orange line will appear visually showing how much has been applied.


When you play your sound and the LFO is applied to the parameter the amount and LFO’s location will be shown in a blue-white line instead of orange.


If you would like to change the LFOs shape simply click the shape panel and the other options will appear.

You can also see the rate knob next to the shape. Below the knob are the Sync options. If non are selected the rate knob will be applied in milliseconds. The three sync options are normal, triplet & dotted.



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Author: Joshua Casper

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