After Effects Tutorial: Syncing Audio & Video [Part 2]

Syncing Audio & Video – Part 2 | Syncing the Video!

Ok, now that we have made our guide track it is time to open up Adobe After Effects to get to work syncing the music to video cuts and fades by using the visual cues of the guide track. Learn how to make the guide track here, or download it and the original footage from the grey box below.

This is what we are going to make.. although, the tutorial version will be a bit different, maybe even better!! However, this video is more-or-less what we are striving for in this tutorial series.

In this video tutorial I demonstrate and explain my methodology of using visual cues from the guide track to sync the film; from fade-to-black cuts to a lot of time remapping towards the end.  Also, an FYI the short cut to cutting and separating film in AE on a PC is Ctrl + Shift + D .

The video is a bit on the lengthy side, at least for my videos, so once you get the drift on what I am doing and why go ahead and handle your version.

The source files contain the original video clip in standard definition, the guide track, and the finished After Effects project file. You can check out the project, but if you are planning on making more of these types of projects I suggest you follow along with the tutorial and edit the video for yourself.

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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