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Download this Free Modern Audio React Template for Your Music Promo Videos!


The new download has fixed the music cutting at 3:55 issues. I suggest downloading that, but if you would rather fix the problems yourself below is how!

You will need to right click on the “Music Comp” and choose Composition Settings. At the bottom you will see the time length.. it will say 3:55.. change it to suit your needs.

You will also need to extend the “Music Comp” in two other pre comps. Both the Audio React Lines pre comp and the Main Work Area pre comp. Sorry about that. :/

Once you fix those things re-save the template so it will be good to go from that point forward.


Extend the “Music Comp” clip in the “Audio React Lines” pre comp.


Extend the “Music Comp” clip in the “Main Work Area” pre comp.

This is a clean and sleek audio react template for youtube music videos. Whether you run a music promo channel, or just want something simple and good looking for your own tunes, this is perfect for you!

free modern auido react promo template for after effects

Modern Audio React Template

Easy to Edit. Clearly Labeled. Video Tutorial. Fast Rendering Time.

Watch the video tutorial below to see how to edit this template. It is fairly straight forward though, for anyone that has opened After Effects before.

There are only 3 comps you need to edit.

  1. The Art Comp
    • Make sure the art is at least a 500px by 500px square
  2. The Text Comp
    • Make sure your text doesn’t go out side the backing plate on the final comp
  3. The Music Comp
    • Make sure you crop the comp. Hold down shift and drag the play head to the end of the music clip. It will snap there. Then go to the Final Comp. You will notice the play head is in the same spot. Now drag the end of the Work Area, while holding shift, to the play head.

*After Effects CS4 or Newer

Download the After Effects Template

*this is the updated version with the time issues fixed

Watch the Video Tutorial

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