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How to Remove GoPro’s Fisheye in After Effects to Properly Motion Track Footage!

I have been playing around with motion tracking and my new GoPro for a little bit now. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the fish eye effect in all GoPros was messing up the result. The thing is I kind of liked the fish eye effect. Luckily I found a very formative tutorial on how to remove the fish eye, export for motion tracking in Boujou, Mocha or whatever, track it, bring it back in to After Effects, add my design elements, and then add the fish eye back without any noticeable degradation in the footage.

The process is documented in the video below, but essentially all you need to do is the following. Double your original comp size and pre-compose, moving all attributes to new comp. Then in that new comp, add the effect Optics Compensation to the original comp. Check the Reverse Lens Distortion parameter to remove the fish eye and then boost Field of View parameter. For my GoPro Silver Hero3+ I found that about 96.4 worked well. That may be different for different cameras.

Use a naturally straight line the footage and compare it to a straight line shape you can quickly draw in with the pen tool. Use these two things to make fine tuning adjustments.

Track your footage in Boujou or Mocha or whatever you are using and you import the data into After Effects. Add your text, 3D objects or whatever you wanted to add to the composition. Do all of this using the Comp that is twice the original size and has Optics Compensation added to it. Once the finishing touches are added pre-compose everything into one last Compostion.

Then add Optics Compensation to it. This time do not check Reverse Lens Distortion. Reduce the composition size to the original size. The use the Field of View parameter until the picture fits perfectly into the comp window. BOOM!

Thanks to  for their tutorial on this subject. I suggest you watch their video tutorial too, as it has a lot more information!!

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Author: Joshua Casper

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