Ableton Tutorial: XY Controller for Multiple Parameters (up to 16)

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to get up to 16 parameters routed to an XY Pad. That’s 8 for the X and 8 for the Y!

I am on a roll with these X Y Controllers and Pads this week. So, to finish things off I figured I would show you how to get up to 16 parameters mapped to one XY Pad. There will be up to 8 for each of the axes.

If you haven’t seen the other two tutorials for the XY Pad check them out first.

Also, the XY Pad Max for Live Device is in the Max for Live Essentials which you can grab for free on

Watch the Video Tutorial

*full written tutorial below

Written Tutorial

First you need to drop the XY Pad Max for Live device onto the channel containing what every you want to manipulate with it. That can be instruments, effects, third-party stuff, native stuff. Anything, really. If you can adjust its parameter in Live it can be mapped to the XY Pad.

Then add two instances of the MultiMap Max for Live device.


Now, you want to “Map” parameters to the MultiMap devices first. One device will be controlled by the X axis and the other instantiation with control the Y axis. It might be a good idea to keep the Dry/Wet parameters routed to one and the rest routed to the other, but that’s for you to decide!

As you can see, you can have up to 8 different parameters per instance of the MultiMap.

Now, you can click the “Map” button for the X on the XY Pad and map the “Input” knob of one of the MultiMaps. then do the same for the other MultiMap and the Y of the XY Pad.


Remember, you can edit the minimum and maximum for each of the parameters independently, as well as the slope, right inside the MultiMap, then you can adjust the same for the “Input” parameter inside the XY Pad.


XY Pad – Extra Options. Min & Max Values. Slope Curve.

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