Ableton Tutorial: X Y Controller for Any Live Devices

This is how to get that sweet sweet X Y Controller action for any native Live devices; instruments or effects!

Yesterday I put out a video on the Assignable X Y Controller that is available for every third-party plugin that you can use inside Ableton Live. Almost immediately I was asked if there was a way to get that functionality with the stock Live devices and instruments. And, drum roll please, there is! You just need Max for Live.

Other XY Pad Tutorials

Also, the XY Pad Max for Live Device is in the Max for Live Essentials which you can grab for free on

Watch the Video Tutorial

*written tutorial below

Written Tutorial

All you need to do is find the XY Pad Max for Live audio effect and drop it on the same channel with the FX or Instrument you want to controller. Then click the Map button and click whichever parameter you want for the X axis. Then do the same for the Y axis. Here I have mapped the Feedback and the Dry/Wet.


XY Pad – Main View

The really cool thing about the XY Pad, as opposed to the third-party plug XY Controller, is that you have more options. You can adjust the minimum and maximum values. You can even change the curve of the slope, including the option to invert it!


XY Pad – Extra Options. Min & Max Values. Slope Curve.


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Author: Joshua Casper

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