Ableton Tutorial: Using Exhale to Generate Incredible Ideas Easily

In this tutorial you will see why I chose Exhale by Output as my favorite instrument (VSTi) of 2016!

In this video tutorial I will show you how to extract a chopped-up tech house vocal loop’s rhythm in Ableton Live. Then we will use that rhythm in conjunction with Output’s Exhale vocal engine to generate a number of incredible sounding loops of our own!

This video is meant to demonstrate some of the elements found in the Exhale+ Vocal Bundle at Plugin Boutique. I highly suggest grabbing the bundle if you like what you hear in this video or if you are serious about produce and/or recording vocals.

Check out the Bundle here – PIB/ExhaleBundle

Bundle Includes

  • • Output EXHALE
  • • Ambient Vocals EXHALE Expansion
  • • Loopmasters Minimal Tech Vox 2
  • • Producertech Producer’s Guide to Vocals

Watch the Video Tutorial

*full release notes below the video

Release Notes

Plugin Boutique Presents the Ultimate Output EXHALE Bundle

Along with Output’s unique Vocal Engine EXHALE, the bundle comes with an additional 100 x Ambient Vocals Expansion. Producertech’s comprehensive guide to vocal production course and Loopmasters Minimal Tech Vox Sample Pack ready to be loaded into EXHALE and morphed into exciting new vocal sounds.

Output EXHALE+ Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and has been complied to help you create new and unparalleled vocal parts for your next productions and save money!


Welcome to EXHALE, the world’s first truly Modern Vocal Engine. From the team behind acclaimed products REV and SIGNAL, comes EXHALE – an engine built for every composer, producer and artist seeking that cutting-edge sound in today’s most creative music.

For years, vocal instruments have provided a way to portray the sound of a real live singer or choir in a track. In speaking with music makers, Output found the number one frustration with vocal instruments was that nothing was modern, or in line with today’s current records, film scores and sound design. That is the world of EXHALE.

Key Ingredients in the Development of EXHALE:

  • Top producers recording real singers (no session musicians) and a choir.
  • 25 Sound Designers tweaking for 6 months for the perfect sounds.
  • Sounds crafted with endless analog and vintage gear, tape machines, vocoders and more.
  • Engine built from the ground up with industry leading modulation, tempo synced FX, pitch shifting and more.
  • An immense focus on musicality.

Learn more about EXHALE.

Ambient Vocals EXHALE Expansion

Expand your EXHALE preset library with 100 new vocal patches!

  • Modern ambient vocals going far beyond traditional pads
  • 100 presets for Note Mode
  • For use with EXHALE

Learn more about Ambient Vocals EXHALE Expansion.

Producertech Producer’s Guide to Vocals


The course is a comprehensive guide to the entire process of adding vocals to a track, beginning with writing tips and suggestions for selecting and finding a vocalist, before moving onto invaluable guidance on equipment and how to ensure the recording session goes without a hitch. He then gives an in-depth guide to his professional techniques for processing vocals, covering everything from EQing and reverb, to creative slicing of improvised material, using a range of DAWs’ internal effects and 3rd party plugins.

Check out the sample module above for an example of what to expect from the course, which ensures you’ll have all the knowledge you need to add a sparkling vocal line to your productions and elevate them to next level.

Loopmasters Minimal Tech Vox 2

A fantastic collection of snipped, glitched, processed and tweaked minimal vocal samples.

Minimal Tech Vox 2, contains a huge 650Mb of content featuring over 440 24 bit samples, with 120 loops at 128 Bpm, and 320 Single Hit Vocal samples. You also get 4 ready to play vocal patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ compatible Soft Samplers.

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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