Ableton Tutorial: Multi-Sample Sampler Instruments [Getting Started]

This is how to get started making your own multi-sample Sampler instruments that can be played just like regular VSTi using Ableton Live’s Sampler device!

Get the Sample Pack — LM/LeonSwitch

Get Tom Cosm’s AutoSampler — AutoSampler Device

Now, it’s best to do this with samples of each note of any particular hard or soft synth. Though, it is common practice to skip 1 or 2 semitones, when file size is an issue. Once you’ve found yourself a set of multi-samples jump right in to the video and get started!! It’s easy!!

Watch the Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Drag and drop all of the samples (properly labeled by key) into Sampler. This will create the multi-sample setup. Then, click the zone tab to see each of the samples and their zone positions. You will want to click on each sample and, in the main Sampler window, change the root key parameter to the correct value.


Sampler’s Root Key Parameter

After that, you can sort the samples from the lowest key to the highest key, either up or down. This isn’t necessary, but I find it is easier to see everything. Finally, you need to select all the samples in the Zone window and right-click. Choose, “Distribute Ranges Equally Around Root Key”.


That will divide everything up nicely. Check out the video tutorial for fuller explanations, more information and even a bit extra at the end!

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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