Tutorial: MasterCheck Pro External Reference Setup

This short video tutorial shows you how to set up an external reference for Nugen Audio’s MasterCheck & MasterCheck Pro.

mastercheck pro interface tutorial

MasterCheck Pro by Nugen Audio

Get┬áMasterCheck — PIB/MasterCheck

Get MasterCheck Pro — Nugen/MCPro

MasterCheck Pro is an essential mastering tool. Since getting it I haven’t turned to anything else for metering and codec preparedness.

Some of you may have seen my tutorial a couple weeks ago on Mastering Specifically for Soundcloud. Where I used Ozone 7 Advanced’s Code Preview. Well, MasterCheck Pro is like that, but on steroids!!

In this quick video tutorial I show you how to set up your external reference track, which is vital to the final mastering stage.

Watch the Video Tutorial

*full written tutorial below

Written Tutorial

First drop MasterCheck or MasterCheck Pro onto the channel containing your premaster.

Then take the second VST that comes packaged with them and drop it on a second channel. It’s called “Send”.

nugen audio send vst external reference

Send VST for External Reference Track Routing to MasterCheck

Finally, hope back into whichever MasterCheck VST you have and click the “External ref” button to activate the connection. You should see the button light up and the “connection” message on the Send VST should read MasterCheck.

mastercheck pro external refernce source tutorial

External Reference Setup

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Author: Joshua Casper

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