Ableton Tutorial: Leveling “Riding” Vocals / Dialogue

This video tutorial shows you how to level the volume of film dialogue or vocal takes to make the overall volume more consistent; i.e. less peaks and valleys.

If you run into a common problems, like vocal velocity consistency issues, ┬átheir are almost certainly dedicated plug-ins that exist to help fix things. For instance, dialogue volume dips can be cured by RX’s Lever module or Waves Vocal Rider. But, those can be expensive. Especially for those that don’t need them often.

Let me show you how to start doing a decent job without needing anything more than Ableton Live’s Glue Compressor.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Written tutorial / More info below

Written Tutorial

If you find that your dialogue or vocals’s volumes are fluctuating too much you can reign in those fluctuations using the Glue Compressor.

Simply, drop the default Glue Compressor onto the channel and bring the threshold knob down until you see the needle hitting around the 5 dB mark. This means you are compressing the peaks at 5 dB. You don’t want to do too much more as you will begin to get artifacts, distortion, and unnatural sounding vocals.


Reduce all peaks by 5 dB via the Glue Compressor

If you need to do more than that it might be best to go through and get the chucks that are visibly quieter a boost via the clip volume control first.


Adding Volume to Large Quiet Sections

If you are really looking for the best control you can use the Utility control to manually add or take away volume to those parts that need it.


Adding Precision Volume Adjustments via Live’s Utility Device

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Author: Joshua Casper

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