Ableton Tutorial: Assignable X-Y Control [How To]

The Assignable X-Y Control

Using the control, you can control any pair of plug-in parameters simultaneously. Select the parameters for the horizontal and vertical axes in the two lower chooser menus.

Get the TSAR-1 by Softube – PIB/TSAR-1

This tutorial will show you how to assign the X-Y control parameters that are available any time you drop a third-party vst or vsti onto a channel in Ableton Live.

It will also show you how to configure which parameters are available in the drop down menus if you would like to add or subtract any.. or if there aren’t any automatically available.

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Watch the Video Tutorial

*full written tutorial below

Written Tutorial

Most VST and smaller VSTi will have a number of principle parameters available in the drop down menus. If that is the case, all you need to do is select which you would like the X-Y Controller to control.

For example, the TSAR-1R by Softube already has the following parameters pre-configured.

  • PreDelay
  • Reverb Time
  • Color
  • Reverb Mix
  • Output Volume


Some of the larger VST and VSTi won’t have any parameters pre-configured. If that is the case you need to hit the little download facing arrow to open up the configuration panel. Then hit the configure button.


Here I am using Massive which doesn’t have anything pre-configured.

With the configure button active you can now click on any adjustable parameter in the VSTi to add it to the assignable parameters table. If you wanted to delete any you just select it in the assignable parameters table and hit delete.

Now all of the parameters you clicked will be added to the list of options in the drop down menus for the horizontal and vertical axes.



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