Ultimate Ableton Live Guide to Saving CPU

If your Live session is making your computer grunt & groan under the workload, then this article [of mine] is for you. Here’s a multitude of ways to cut back on the CPU load in Ableton Live.

Not all computers are equal. I know the trials and tribulations of using an inadequate CPU to produce music. Because of that, I have learned many tricks on cutting back on the CPU load over the years. My goal in this article is to share a number of the best tricks with you.

Reduce the Sample Rate of Live

The sample rate is the number of times Live marks information about the digital audio. The higher the sample rate the more calculations the CPU has to handle. The more samples the sharper the image (sound). 48 kHz is a good standard, but reducing that to 44.1 kHz will relieve a bit of strain.

However, going below that isn’t recommended. You should try some of the following methods before going below 44.1kHz.

Get the Rest of the Methods / Tips : Ask.Audio/Saving-CPU

*This is an excerpt of my article on Ask.Audio. It is duplicated here with permission.


Tip 1: Reduce Live’s Sample Rate

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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