Profiting from Piracy? Muzit’s Trace Rethinks Future of Illegal Downloading

As more and more people pirate music the question seems to be less how to stop the torrents and more about how to profit from that activity. People pirate music, and everything else that is digital.

According to Google’s transparency report in the last month alone there have been 64,275,455 DMCA takedown requests. That type of request is someone claiming a copyright violation somewhere on online. There is no quick way to know how many of those have to do with music, but If you look at the top 20 listed URLs of alleged copyright infringement, 12 of them say “music” or “mp3” in some way in their domain name.

This doesn’t even take into account Torrent downloads and direct P2P sharing. But it is safe to assume that pirating music is rampant and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


It has been the music distribution establishment’s mission to squash any copyright infringers via prosecution or threat thereof. That is, of course, their prerogative. However, that is essentially bringing lawsuits against fans of the music being pirated. Which kind of puts the bands themselves in an awkward situation.

Pirating music undoubtedly has some benefits for bands. The music gets disseminated quicker and further when it doesn’t have to be bought. That is great for the band and its reach, but not great for Universal, Warner or others who have made an investment and want to collect royalties and make their money back and then some.

However, even with the diligence of the major distributors, if we look at the number of sites and various other ways people can access shared music we would find that number growing not shrinking. So, the real question seems to be how can they begin to profit from piracy?

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Author: Joshua Casper

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