Ableton Tutorial: Multiband Mid/Side Compressor Mastering Rack

A free Ableton Live rack that features a multiband mid/side compressor ideal for mastering. Here’s how to use it, build it… and you can download it for free!

3 Band Mid / Side Compressor Mastering Rack

3 Band Mid / Side Compressor Mastering Rack

In this tutorial I will show you how to set up your own multiband mid/side compressor mastering racks. The one we will make will have full control over 3 frequency bands for the middle audio and 3 frequency bands for the side audio—though you can easily add more or less bands. This setup will deliver an incredible amount of control over your final sound!

I have also provided two racks for you to download. One uses the regular Compressor and the other uses the Glue Compressor. I did this for two reasons. First, so that Live Intro users can have access to at least one great sounding rack. The second reason is that the compressors work and sound differently and it is a good thing to have both setups available!

Go Download / Get the Full Tutorial — Ask.Audio/MasteringRack

*this is an excerpt from my article on Ask.Audio. Copied here with permission

Watch the Mid/Side Mastering rack in action:


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Author: Joshua Casper

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