Max for Live Devices: Learn Chords & Scales [Free]

These Max for Live Devices are tools to help you learn or look-up music scales and chords without leaving Ableton Live.

This is a walk-though of the Learn Chords & Learn Scales max devices that myself and J74 made in conjunction with Ask.Audio.

Download the Devices – Ask.Audio/LearnChordsScales

These Max for Live devices are aimed at helping users quickly find chords and scales right inside Live without having to leave the program. There are two separate devices. One is for chords and the other is for scales.

This is a major update to my first “Learn Scales” device I released last year, done in cooperation with Max top-notch developer J74 (Fabrizio Poce).

The objectives of the original device have been continued here: trying to help people learn scales and chords. We do this by essentially making the devices cheat sheets, but not automating any theory. The user still needs to play the correct notes or write in the MIDI correctly. There is no automating mistakes or progressions. Hopefully the repetition of a particular chord or scale will become engrained in the user after a short time. If not, at least the user will have a plethora of chord and scale formations right in the program.

On top of helping with the Scales update and the new Chords device, J74 has also integrated the back-end of them to sync with Fabrizio’s set of J74 tools (such as HarmoTools, Progressive and BassLine), which are actually more of the automating music theory nature.

Download & Full Article with Specs & Details –> Ask.Audio


Learn Chords & Scales by Joshua Casper & J74 (Fabrizio Poce) for Ask.Audio

Watch the Video Walk-through & Explanation

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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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