DIY Tutorial: Midi Controller via Makey Makey

How To Build a DIY MIDI Controller for Ableton Live with the Makey Makey

So you’re fascinated with the idea of DIY MIDI controllers or devices that can interface with Ableton Live or any DAW… but don’t know where or how to start? Makey Makey does the hard work for you.

I recently got my hands on the Makey Makey. When I first saw it in action someone was using bananas to trigger a MIDI synth. Impressive. What was more impressive was the claim of how easy something like that was to accomplish with the Makey Makey kit. When that kit arrived it did not disappoint.

What’s Makey Makey?

Essentially the Makey Makey (MM) is an electronic controller board that can connect to your computer. The computer will recognize the device as a USB keyboard. That means after you connect a few alligator clips to a couple things and touch the trigger material, the computer will read that as a key being pressed on the keyboard. That can translate into many different things depending on which program is open.

View the Full Tutorial -> Ask.Audio/MakeyMakey

*this is an excerpt of an article I did for Ask.Audio. Copied here with permission.

Demo Video


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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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