Tutorial: Build A Dynamic EQ Inside Ableton Live [Free Download]

Tutorial on how to make a Dynamic EQ with Ableton Live Devices and Max for Live! This lengthy and advanced tutorial could save you time and money, and help your productions sound great!!

Dynamic EQs are like regular EQs on steroids. Usually most Dynamic EQs are quite expensive but there are one or two passable freebies floating around. However, what if I told you that we can build one right inside of Ableton Live using only Live’s native devices and an Envelope Follower that comes free with Max for Live?

Download the Final Rack — AA/DynamicEQ

The finished article

Getting Ready to Start Building the Racks

NOTE: This tutorial is advanced and I highly suggest naming things exactly as I do to cut down on confusion when we start putting racks inside of racks inside of racks!

Also, I will provide you will screen shots of device settings and macro mappings. Use the same as mine to start with. Once you get a handle on what is going on you can go back and tweak what needs tweaking. Keep a close eye on the Min and Max values for the macro mappings in particular. I will be assuming you are at familiar with racks and macro mappings.

All the Live devices used in this project can be found in Standard version of Ableton Live or a higher version. It also requires Max for Live and the specific device used is part of the free downloadable pack on Ableton.com called Max for Live essentials.

Specific Devices used:

  • Effect Racks
  • EQ 8
  • Auto Filter
  • Utility
  • Gate
  • Envelope Follower (max for live)

*read the full tutorial here on Ask Audio

Watch the Video of the Dynamic EQ in Action


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Author: Joshua Casper

Joshua Casper is an Artist, Musician, and Blogger.

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